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Cinnamon cake with blackberries

A Dan Lepard recipe from Short and Sweet, but also available on the Guardian website. It’s a whisked fat-free sponge made of eggs, sugar and golden syrup, with a little milk in it, only half a teaspoon of baking powder, wholemeal flour and cinnamon. The cinnamon mixes with the wholemeal flour to give an agreeable pinky-brown colour. For the flour I used some standard supermarket wholemeal plus some from our local windmill. The mill doesn’t sieve the flour before sending it out, so it has some ‘nuggets’ of barely ground wheat in it for extra texture. I also drizzled some Chambord raspberry over the fruit to make it a bit more adult. My mother-in-law has a glut of blackberries so in they went, and some double cream was easily whipped to fill the cake. Over the top goes the icing sugar to hide the cracks that appear as the cake cools. Result!

Cinnamon cake with balackberries

Cinnamon cake with balackberries


Mill Green, Hatfield, flour

On Tuesday this week I took my son to Mill Green water-mill in Hatfield. There isn’t a whole lot to see there apart from the mill itself, and some small displays of Hatfield history. The miller was great, and talked a lot about how the flour is made and how the mill itself works. There’s a couple of hands-on milling exhibits for small people to use up some energy on. And to my slight surprise my son was actually rather impressed by the whole thing, the size of the mill, the water power, how hard it was to grind flour by hand. He spent quite a long time grinding about a big tablespoon of flour from some wheat grains they had there. So I think he learned something. Being a bit of a smarty pants he commented on some other children who came later who didn’t read the direction the stones had to go in and were therefore doing it wrong.

We bought some flour and today I baked a couple of wholemeal loaves with it. I wish this was smellyvision because they actually smell like roasted wheat. So if you’re down that way, do drop in, they are open Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays and Sundays, which is twice as much as nearby Redbournbury,  as featured by Paul Hollywood, which opens only at the weekends. The more cunning of you could get both flours and do a compare and contrast. We had to go Tuesday as it was the only chance this week, but I’ll definitely try to hit both one weekend soon.


Coffee and ricotta marbled cake in the oven which I realise I haven’t made for nearly a year. Can’t wait to try both the bread and the cake!

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