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Bagels, or beigels?

At the end of the summer holidays the boy and I visited the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood run by the Victoria and Albert Museum. The boy was 10 years old last Thursday and is nearly too old for this sort of place, but for now he still enjoys seeing old toys and playing with the piles of Lego in the museum. We were supposed to be thinking about Victorian children for his holiday homework, but that didn’t take too long.

On the day we were there we could watch the Suitcase Circus for free. They did a half-hour show, which was enough for most of the small people there. I think the ‘frog being sick’ will stick in everyone’s memory for a long time to come. You can watch a clip of the show for yourself on YouTube .

We got to Bethnal Green on the tube, but decided to go back to the Euston Road by bus. The bus we hopped on went past Brick Lane so we jumped off and visited the 24 Hour Beigel Bake shop. As it was just after lunchtime and I’d already schoffed my sandwiches I didn’t have one of the hot beef beigels, although they smelled fantastic and I will remember that for next time. I spent 30p on a buttered beigel for the boy and bought 4 plain beigels to take home. The boy of course scoffed his up and declared it delicious, and only 2 of the other beigels made the train journey home.

So, this morning, as we have a family party this afternoon I have made a batch of beigels. I mostly used Dan Lepard’s recipe from Short and Sweet, and checked it against the River Cottage Handbook No. 3. Dan has flour, yeast, salt, caster sugar, water, white wine vinegar. River Cottage doesn’t have the vinegar so I left that out, and also didn’t use the eggy wash that they suggested. I did use the brown sugar in the boiling water that Dan has included in his recipe. And I made 12, not the 10 that Dan suggests, as it’s for a party. If they were full sized they’d be more like those in bags in the shops, but as they are they are similar size to the Brick Lane ones. I wish I’d had time to take more photos as I made them as they looked a bit ugly when they were boiled, but they puffed up a bit and look fine now. The only problem is I don’t think they’ll last until tea time!

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