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more on the citrus theme

not one for the younger members of our families. Mine’s away with cubs this weekend, despite the snow, sleeping inside I should add. I wanted something that was sweet but not chocolate based as I’ve O.D.’d on chocolate flapjacks this week.

Crunchy Citrus Cake – another one from Pat Ring’s book. Ingredients – lemon, orange, sunflower oil, caster sugar, eggs, semolina, baking powder, ground almonds, almond extract. Topped with zest and Grand Marnier (although you can choose a mascarpone topping instead).

Couldn’t be easier, just weigh and mix with a blender or spoon, and uses sunflower oil which is a good thing in this weather as the butter is just as hard outside the fridge as in it! I did give it 10 minutes longer in the oven than stated in the recipe.orangecrunch

Lemon coconut traybake

In the name of raising money for charity we have had cake making competitions at work, where we taste samples and vote for our favorite to add a bit of interest to just eating cake for charity. We were raising money for McMillan Cancer Support and will have got well over £100 from three sessions of cake-off. I’m not entirely sure we wouldn’t have made more money if the bakers just put in the cost of the ingredients to the fund, but it’s been a bit of fun and almost a quarter of the people who work where I do have made a cake or cakes. We have previously baked carrot and also chocolate cakes as these were people’s favorites.

I tried the lemon coconut traybake recipe in the new Great British Bake-off showstoppers book. Very easy, quite tasty and could be a bit more lemony, maybe I needed larger lemons.  And I came third out of six entries with this.

I recently got a like for a blog from http://en.gravatar.com/heirline. Be very careful who you go liking people, I might end up telling you all about my Gt Gt Grandfather who was on the last ship of convicts sent to Western Australia in 1867, and that would be truly off-topic and not about bread or baking at all.

Sunday baking loaves and buns and cookies

Here’s what I have been doing this afternoon – starting with two loaves for Monday and Tuesday’s breakfasts and lunches. This is based on Dan Lepard’s wholemeal loaf, but with some white flour to lighten the loaf. The ingredients are: water, yeast, sugar, salt, wholemeal and white flours, and some sunflower oil.

While I was doing that I also made Dan’s hot cross buns  from this week’s Guardian magazine. I made 15 rather than the advertised 12, and didn’t put the crosses on. Very yummy!

And after that I put in a batch of Hairy Biker’s Norwegian cardamom and lemon cookies. Only the final result for them, you can watch how to do it on the BBC website.

Norwegian cardamom and lemon cookies

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