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crumpets round 1

Crumpets are another flour based item that I think have risen in price beyond what is reasonable for what they are. The River Cottage bread book contains a recipe for them, so I thought I’d get some crumpet rings and give them a go.

Recipe is for 12 so I halved it to give:

225g plain white flour, 175ml warm milk, 175 ml warm water, half teaspoon fresh yeast, 5g salt, half teaspoon of baking powder.

The recipe said not to add the salt and baking powder to the dried things, but by the time I had read that it was too late!

Left it for about an hour and 20 minutes and it looked like this:

Then it had to go into greased rings in a pan. I think I had the pan too hot to start with and put too much in the first few and it might have been a tiny bit too thick:

In the last few I put a little less batter and they aren’t too thick. In all I made 7, but I think that quantity could do 8. Here are the last 6, the first one was eaten hot while I was doing the others. Well it has been hailing here today like a winter’s day, so what better than winter food?


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