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light caraway rye bread

The second of June’s Mellow Bakers recipe from Dan Lepard’ The Handmade Loaf (congratulations on yesterday by the way Mr Lepard and David!) http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2012/jun/22/coconut-mascarpone-cake-recipe-wedding?newsfeed=true

One where you make a ferment and leave it for a bit, then add the other stuff and make yet another brick!

Ingredients include: sour milk – didn’t have any of that so used sour cream, yeast, rye flour, caraway seeds, white flour, salt more yeast, malt – used the liquid “Roo strengthening medicine” type although I think you’re supposed to use some dried stuff, butter to slap on the top and that’s your lot.

Actually I think I need to get another loaf pan that is between a 1lb and a 2lb length and that might impact on the brickiness of some of these loaves. Output tasted OK and got eaten which is always a good thing. I used heavy rye and have been waiting to try again with light rye but got bored of waiting for an opportunity, so here’s the photos.  Today I have been baking with Einkhorn flour and that’s another story!

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