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rosemary and fresh cheese sticks

This is my first Mellow Bakers bake for May, and the fourth in the series.

Ingredients – soft white flour (I used Shipton Mill soft flour for cakes and pastry), milk, yeast, salt, butter, ricotta, big sprig of rosemary out of the garden.

First stage is to make a ferment with the milk, half of the flour and the yeast. It then rests for an hour and then you mix in the other ingredients leave for 10 mins and do the Dan Lepard knead, leave for 10 mins, three times in total. As you may be able to see from the pictures below it was very sticky at the first mix and first knead.

Tthen it said ‘Then leave the dough for 1 hour, kneading it once more during that time.’ Which I took to mean leave for 30 mins, knead, leave for 30 mins. Then you roll it out, I patted it out by hand, you slice it up thinly and roll on the worktop, then place on trays and put them straight into the oven.

I think I baked them all about 5 mins longer than the recipe said. The texture is more pastry-like than crunchy breadstick because I used soft flour. But they are very moreish, the rosemary is significant but I’m not over sure that I can taste the cheese and I’ve eaten loads!

Not sure I’d bother again, maybe for a party but a bit fiddly. Also, they remind me of a tray of bones. Back in another life I was an archaeologist and I’ve seen plenty of finds trays full of animal and human ribs or arm bones that look just like these.

And here’s the pictures:



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