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amaretto cheesecake

A dinner-time treat to follow down some home-made pizza, the base being Dan’s recipe from Short and Sweet. I like mine thin so make a half quantity for three pizzas and roll them out quite thinly. I also try to use the 00 flour that the recipe calls for. No pictures I’m afraid!

So, cheesecake. From the Hairy Bikers Bakeation in Italy – first make your amaretti biscuits – egg white, sugar, almond extract and ground almonds, then make the cheesecake topping – ricotta cheese, caster sugar, eggs, double cream, lemon zest and amaretto liqueur.

I’d had my eye on this one for a while, partly because it is gluten-free and our niece is that way inclined so if we entertain her we try to include treats she can eat. Normally with cheesecake for her I’d use the GF digestive biscuits from Sainsbury, but this is a way of making a cheesecake without involving any flour. So, equipped with a bottle of amaretto bought this week on offer from that supermarket already named I was ready.

Given that there’s only two adults and our son is mightily suspicious of everything I bake and thinks a wiff of alcohol will make him drunk (one day I’ll remind him about ‘quaffing’ Bucks Fizz at a Christening when he wasn’t out of nappies but not today), I opted to make only a three quarters sized cake on the basis that it ought to do 5 to 7 portions and keep the two of us going over the weekend.

Results – acceptable, a bit on the egg-custard side of cheesecake to be utterly perfect, but as I used the yolk from the egg used for the amaretti biscuits and three whole eggs, that might be why. However, the worst part was that while it was cooling in the oven it leaked out about 50ml of sweet juicy stuff which seemed to contain most of the amaretto. I saved most of this ‘juice’ and used it with some sliced strawberries which I left to marinate in caster sugar while the cake cooled. I don’t expect there to be much of this left by Monday. I have biked about 12 miles today, 7.5 with the offspring on his new road bike, so felt I’d just about earned it. And now I’m equipped with the amaretto, there’s some other recipes in that book that will require my attention.

chocolate cake – schokogugelhopf

Very quickly as I’ve a 6 mile race to run this evening……

Easy peasy lovely Hairy Biker’s recipe from the Bakeation Austrian episode.

Deviations – not enough soft butter so I used 50g marg + 100g butter, medium eggs, not large ones which made it a little stiff, I suppose I could have added milk, but got away with it more or less. I found a bundt tin in T K Maxx at the weekend so it isn’t in a proper gugelhopf ring, so it is a bit more rounded than the Bikers’ one.

The recipe says it serves 10, but it is enormously rich so I think this should only be served in teeny tiny bits, but good for carb loading before running!

I don’t think I let the icing thicken enough, but that’s just ‘cos I was impatient. I have another recipe with this kind of topping and it takes forever if you let the chocolate get too hot at the start, so I try to err on the side of caution and take it off the heat before all the chocolate is melted.


Savoury pies with Jarlsberg cheese and ham

Not bread as such but made with dough rather than pastry. As appeared on the Hairy Bikers Bakeation episode from Norway, and the recipe can be downloaded from here.

The dough is made from water, sugar, yeast, four, milk, salt, butter and eggs. However, the recipe makes a lot and I have had a most traumatic time trying to work this into something edible. The filling is onion, garlic, ham, cheese, parsley, caraway seeds and salt and pepper to taste, nothing to complain about with that, except the amount is nothing near enough to fill the amount of dough that appears.

I should have only made half the dough and I think even that will be too much. I’d need to watch how much extra liquid went in more carefully, perhaps starting with half the milk and then trying to form the dough.

So, the dough is made by the sponge method and you leave water sugar and yeast for a couple of hours to do its thing.

 Note that it has filled my bowl after just about 2 hours.

 Then you add the rest of the ingredients and make a firm dough, well, if I’d tried to knead it, it would have been off the worktop and all over the floor before you could say ‘watch that dough’. I added a lot of extra flour just to get it into something that be handled and nowhere near anything that could be described as firm.

Then I had to go out for a bit and when I came back it had filled the bigger bowl I’d left it in.

Going out for an hour and a half gave me time to think as I already knew I was in trouble. This is what I found:

When I got back I divided some of the dough into 90g pieces, I made 12 on the off chance that there would be enough filling to fill them. I rolled the balls with a rolling pin and put in the filling, slapped on some beaten egg to join the edges and then over the top and flung them in the oven. I made 9, there’s pictures of 8 but I’ve already eaten one! They took about 20 mins to cook and puffed up nicely.

The rest of the dough I’ve made into rolls

and saved some for pizza bases for when the family come back later on.

Not sure if I’d make them again, but they are quite tasty and I’ll have another one later with some salad for tea.

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