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Dan Lepard

Over the years I’ve tried quite a few of Dan Lepard’s recipes, from the Guardian newspaper, from his books ‘Short and Sweet’ and ‘The handmade loaf’. Here are links to blogs I wrote about some of them.

I am slightly distressed that Dan will no longer be writing for the Guardian, but also hopeful that he’ll be able to bring us more great recipes some other way.



Black pepper rye

Flaky butter buns

Light caraway rye

Sour cream loaf


Breads with fruit and flavours:

Chelsea buns

Cherry, fennel and rye

Hot cross buns


Poppy seed and walnut strudel

Raisin and cinnamon loaf

Rosemary and fresh cheese sticks

Top Tea Cakes

Cakes and other stuff:

Butterscotch banana cake

Chocolate custard muffins

Cinnamon honey fruit cake

Cinnamon cake with blackberries

Classic cheesecake

Coffee and ricotta marbled cake

Dark banana ginger cake

Gingerbread rock cakes

Honey and ginger wafers

Rocky road rock cakes

Sticky lemon and poppy seed cake

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