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Cinnamon cake with blackberries

A Dan Lepard recipe from Short and Sweet, but also available on the Guardian website. It’s a whisked fat-free sponge made of eggs, sugar and golden syrup, with a little milk in it, only half a teaspoon of baking powder, wholemeal flour and cinnamon. The cinnamon mixes with the wholemeal flour to give an agreeable pinky-brown colour. For the flour I used some standard supermarket wholemeal plus some from our local windmill. The mill doesn’t sieve the flour before sending it out, so it has some ‘nuggets’ of barely ground wheat in it for extra texture. I also drizzled some Chambord raspberry over the fruit to make it a bit more adult. My mother-in-law has a glut of blackberries so in they went, and some double cream was easily whipped to fill the cake. Over the top goes the icing sugar to hide the cracks that appear as the cake cools. Result!

Cinnamon cake with balackberries

Cinnamon cake with balackberries


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