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Great British Bake Off Pretzels

Had a slightly crappy night/morning/lunchtime so need some dough-based therapy to cheer me up a bit. Only time to try half a batch today, but if a recipes goes well when done in half it will go well when the whole batch is made.

Recipe on the GBBO Good Food website over here.

Nothing particularly interesting in there, but another use for the malt from the malt loaf recipe. I’m using fresh yeast as usual.

Mixing the malt with cold milk from the fridge meant that the malt didn’t dissolve and just sort of twined itself around the fork and looked a bit sulky. I wonder if the milk should be at ambient or warmer? So I swished it about a bit and then poured it all in and stirred it up. I did leave it for a Dan Lepard 10 minute rest before going in and giving it quite a good knead. It is quite a stiff dough, very different to the soft pizza dough I’m also making at the same time for tonight’s dinner.

I don’t think I have a pan that will take 7 litres of boiling water as suggested in the recipe. My biggest pan is……goes off to find out…. about 3 litres. I do have a bigger preserving pan, but I’m not using that. I wonder why we need 7 litres of boiling water when the pretzels are only going in for 5 seconds each? Anyway I think I will be doing them in about 2 litres of water in the big pan, so will be reducing the bicarbonate of soda appropriately.

Ok, shaping them went OK, with a bit of twiddling to get the loops right. Then they went for a quick swim. When I put the first one in the pan it sank, so I left it to rise to the surface, which took 10 seconds. Then the others went in one at a time. After the bath I sprinkled Maldon salt and sesame seeds onto each one before putting the next into the pan. Then all straight into the oven. Time went OK, about 23 minutes all told, and they were hard when I tapped them. Soft and dense on the inside. Not quite sure what good they are to man or beast as they are not rolls or buns but I see on Wikipedia that the Germans fill them with cheese and ham. Is there anything they don’t fill with cheese and ham?


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