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Keeping the customer satisified

I am the very first to admit that my cake decorating skills are somewhat mediocre. I would never claim that I would ice a cake for you and I would recommend friends who can do it to professional standards.

However, when my son asked me to make his birthday cake last week and he had a very specific idea for the decorations I had to rise to the challenge and do my best. He’s a cartoon fan and with some of his buddies they have produced their own comic called The Red Hawk, it is based loosely on The Phoenix, although they make up their own stories and characters. The front cover of The Red Hawk is characterised by the wings, under carriage and legs of a bird of prey. He has drawn them on T-shirts and baby-grows with textile pens and on many bits of paper with normal pens. So we produced one in rolled icing, and used some squeezy tubes of goo from a supermarket and supplemented this with an icing ‘pen’ that allows you to write directly onto icing.


He described it as ‘awesome’, you can draw your own conclusions.

The cake underneath was an 8 inch square chocolate cake made to my own recipe, which has to be in old money I’m afraid:

8oz unsalted butter

8oz sugar – use mostly caster and about 1 oz of light soft brown

4 medium egs

6 oz self-raising flour

2 oz cocoa powder

The cake was sandwiched with some chocolate butter cream – icing sugar, butter, cocoa, hot water, laid over a scraping of sieved raspberry jam. The top was coated with some more jam to make the ready-rolled icing stick. It was announced as ‘delicious’ by the buddies that came for the sleepover. The cake itself was just fine.

So, even when you think it might be a bit amateurish and rubbish, there will be someone who thinks it’s great.


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