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Chocolate cupcakes with beetroot

At this time of year the veg boxes that Riverford Organics deliver tend to have beetroot in them. I’m OK with beetroot, but the rest of the household aren’t that keen. So being, mostly, a good mummy I thought I’d try to find a cake recipe with beetroot in that they’d accept.

There are plenty available on the web:

Nigel Slater on the BBC – which looked a bit plain.

A community recipe on Nigella’s website – which needed cream for the topping which I didn’t have.

BBC Good Food – 100g of cocoa and 100g of chocolate – well no wonder you can’t taste the beetroot!

Then I found one for cupcakes on the goodtoknow website and thought that would do the business. Being somewhat risk averse in the kitchen I did a half measure for the first attempt, and it made 7 cakes. I also didn’t bother with quite so much topping, I had about a tablespoon of mascapone cheese and gave that a beating with some icing sugar and vanilla extract. Result – without telling the offspring, he snaffled 4 of the 7 cakes over the next couple of days. He did say it was too much chocolate so I will be reducing the cocoa content in the next attempt, and balancing with extra flour.

So for version two we have sifted plain flour, cocoa, caster sugar and some baking powder


Then you whizz the beetroot, eggs, oil and vanilla – I only have a stick blender and that was OK, and not all of it went up the wall!


And then mix with the dry goods – it was quite a firm mix for me,

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

but it baked out evenly.


Today topped off with some icing sugar, butter, orange flavouring and colour and some chocolate curls

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

The offspring has eaten one and says it is OK. (Damned by faint praise!)


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