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Malteser delight cake for Red Nose Day

You may, like me, have recently picked up a copy of the Tesco publication ‘Real Food’ and spotted the Red Nose Day cake made with Maltesers. If you are a Malteser fan, then this is definitely something you’ll like. If you don’t like that malty taste, you’ll hate it. We will, of course, be baking and sharing for Red Nose Day next week at work, and I think that the Malteser cake will be featuring alongside my signature carrot cake from Stones Restaurant, so much so that I might even ‘go large’ and upscale to a four egg quantity. Anyway, here’s the recipe and here’s a picture of this week’s trial run. If, also like me, you find decorating cakes a bit of a challenge and that deters you from baking, this could be the place to start afresh, no skill or talent required.


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2 thoughts on “Malteser delight cake for Red Nose Day

  1. pamela barnett on said:

    In episode 2 of Paul`s programme on flatbreads, can anyone give me the name of that restaurant-made flatbread, SR flour + water, smeared with butter & dusted with flour after rolling, cooked on a griddle/hotplate, & beaten with 2 sticks – to pieces -after being turned. Eaten with veggie curry, it wasn`t his own recipe so doesn`t appear on any listing.

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