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they don’t make Wagon Wheels as big as they used to

Haven’t we all said that and apparently although Burton’s say it is to do with the size of our hands getting bigger, not their snacks getting smaller. As with many snack foods the apparently the sizes vary in different countries – my how we laughed when we encountered a six-finger Kit-Kat in the USA a few years ago.

But it’s my husband’s birthday, so as a special treat I have hunted down a recipe for do-it-yourself Wagon Wheels – thank you to Kitsch in the kitchen for a recipe. And supersized them by using the largest round biscuit cutter we had. I used Galaxy chocolate for the coating and some home-made raspberry jam in the middle with the marshmallows. The bit with the marshmallows went a bit sticky, so there’s no pictures of the making, just the finished results. Picture below shows one ginormous biscuit, a ‘real’ Burton’s biscuit for comparison – you can almost see through the chocolate flavour coating on that one and a few small ones that I made.


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One thought on “they don’t make Wagon Wheels as big as they used to

  1. WOW you really are up for a callenge, these look great.

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