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chocolate custard muffins – and bikes

As part of my New Year’s resolution to explore further bits of cookery books I already own, this afternoon I hit upon Dan Lepard’s chocolate custard muffins. The recipe is available online here. Unusually for any sort of cake recipe you start by making a chocolate ‘custard’ with water, cornflour, cocoa and sugar. When it’s nice a thick you add butter and chocolate, then when that’s melted in the rest of the ingredients, finishing with flour and raising agents. Which all goes totally against everything I know about making cake, but hey I’m open to ideas.

???????????????????????????????I made 12 muffin sized and 8 smaller ‘fairy cake’ sized cakes. Dan says to put icing on the top but that could be a bit much, so I may leave them plain.

Earlier this week I made some chocolate and orange muffins from a muffin recipe book – sorry they went so fast I couldn’t even photograph them and to me that recipe has a tang of the raising agent. These don’t and are rather lovely and squidgy.

And the bikes … I have a place in the inaugural Prudential London-Surrey 100 mile ride in August this year, so the next 6 months will be all about the bike, but I’ll need plenty of fuel on the way. Let’s see how the Olympic legacy works!

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One thought on “chocolate custard muffins – and bikes

  1. Boo I didn’t get a place on the LS100, oh well. I’m sure you will have a great time.
    I like the sound of the muffins, perfect post ride (recovery) snack.


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