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Pfeffernüsse – thanks to BreadandBikes

I saw these on Breadandbikes and just had to try them.

Rather strange making biscuits without butter, but in for a penny and in for a pound. I added half a teaspoon of ground cardamom and a half teaspoon of fennel seeds which I then ground. I used all plain flour. They got to sit for about 3 hours before I baked them.

Now Olly didn’t specify a temperature so I put them in after baking bread at 200C and it took longer than 10 mins, despite me making them 25g balls, and they sort of relaxed and didn’t stay perky like his did. I absolutely had to go out and took them out after 14 mins, and the ones on the edge of the tray were a bit browner than the others, so I guessed they were done. The finished texture is slightly chewy and somewhat like macaroons despite not having any nuts in them. I would probably cut the white pepper next time as they are quite strongly flavoured. I have annointed the undersides with melted dark chocolate and splashed some lemon water ice on the top, made with Royal Icing sugar in the hope it will set a little harder. They may be given to school teachers tomorrow, and taken in to workmates too. Thanks Olly!



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