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A very quick blogging here of my experience with Dan Lepard’s panettone recipe from the Guardian the other week.

Really easy peasy lemon squeezy this one – although I’ve read other recipes that require lots of kneading and leaving and mucking about, this one couldn’t be any easier if it tried. Note that the recipe on line omits the caster sugar for the topping – follow the link and you’ll find it.

So – a very rich, egg based dough – 6 eggs!!!! – so now I have lots of whites for pavlova or something – mixed and left for an hour. In goes some fruit or some other flavoured bits of choice, leave it again. Add the topping if you like, bake!

The recipe suggests a 20cm tin, I don’t have one of those, so it went in my standard 8 inch tin lined with a cake liner and some extra to go up the sides. As it was a trial, I didn’t bother with the topping, but I’ll be doing that next time because I like nuts.




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