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minor victory snatched from the jaws of defeat

A lesson learned the hard way. Even the best recipes can sometimes go awry. Last week I was trying out the Cinnamon and Raisin Flapjacks with White and Milk Chocolate Topping in Pat Ring’s Cake book that I mentioned in a previous blog entry. I love eating flapjacks but seldom find recipes to my liking because the result ends up too hard and crunchy or two chewy or doesn’t cook or some other disappointment. So there I was following the instructions to the letter. The flapjack bit was easy peasy, with the usual butter, golden syrup, sugar, flour, oats, raisins and as secret weapons some vanilla essence and some ground cinnamon. The topping was to be melted chocolate with added vanilla extract. Now as ‘any fule kno‘ adding liquid to melted chocolate is going to lead to disaster – seizing up of the liquid to a chunky mess. And I’d even read the bit in Pat’s book about not doing it! I was using a brand she recommended as well, so in for a penny, in for a pound I added the requisite vanilla extract to the melted chocolate, and low and behold both the milk and white seized hard and fast. I had to melt more for the flapjack topping and didn’t add any more essence to those batches and just spread them. No pictures now exist but the result was rather yummy and I’ll definitely do the flapjack again, and might even go for the ‘without vanilla essence topping’.

There I was stuck with about 200g of seized chocolate. What to do? I Googled a bit and found a) that it is impossible to retrieve seized chocolate (no sh!t Sherlock) and b) a recipe that suggested using the seized chocolate in cookies. Aha! So I kept the bowls of seized chocolate to one side and once the flapjack was gone I set too and chopped up the seized chocolate mixes for cookies. Thank goodness they worked OK. The result was a bit less regular than the usual ones (recipe over here), but they taste just fine. seized


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