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Chelsea buns

A Mellow Bakers suggested bake – Chelsea buns from Dan Lepard’s Handmade Loaf – these are Chelsea buns Jim, but not necessarily as we know them. I’d like to offer some buns on LakesBakes but I’ve not found the perfect recipe yet, and this probably isn’t it…. yet.

Filling is sugar, butter lemon and nutmeg, not the expected cinnamon, but  only a tiny bit, so the flavour didn’t really come across strongly. I think I prefer more spice in mine. The dough rose nicely, it has golden syrup in and two eggs, so is quite rich. My kitchen is quite cold really but they were cuddled up on the hob with the saucepan that was boiling my Christmas pud, so kept the suggested 21 to 25 deg there while they needed it.

They also baked quite hard and the outsides are a bit crunchy, maybe they’ll mellow a bit if they get the time. I didn’t finish them with the sugar glaze as suggested, because some of the filling had leaked and caramelised on the bottom of the pan and things were sticky enough already. Tip to fellow Mellows – do use paper or it will weld itself to the pan. I had to use my roasting tin as I don’t have a 12 inch cake pan.

I will be attempting Paul Hollywood’s version from the latest Great British Bake Off book at some point – and writing that blog about Christmas puds.

Here’s the pics.


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