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I only like exotic bread – corn oil flour tortillas

The Offspring was moaning of course that he doesn’t like ‘healthy bread’ aka my 50:50 wholemeal and white as discussed previously, but only ‘exotic bread like baguettes and flat bread’. I have a Hairy Biker’s recipe for baguettes that takes 36 hours so that’s going to have to wait for a less hectic time for me to have a run up at it, but Dan Lepard has an easy peasy tortilla recipe that doesn’t take forever to make. You’ll find it in Short and Sweet and it makes 5 or 6. Ingredients are plain flour, baking powder, salt, milk or water, boiling water, corn or sunflower oil. I used milk and sunflower oil for the things where there was a choice.

Easy enough to make, mix the dry goods, then mix the wet goods separately, add together, leave for 10 mins, knead briefly, leave for an hour or so, divide up, roll out and then just before frying in a hot dry frying pan, roll them out a bit more. Like making pancakes you live and learn with this, so the first one or two in the pictures below came out a bit thick, and I rolled the next ones a bit more thinly. Delicious warm with ham in and juicily slobbery with jam!

I would definitely do these again and they don’t come out all pappy and chewy like shop-bought flat breads. The Offspring also managed to eat two of them, so I reckon that was pretty successful. Dan says you can freeze them. I had two leftover and have kept them overnight in a plastic bag in the bread bin. I think they were left out a bit too long in the tea-towel yesterday as we rushed off out in the evening and were a tad dry today.


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