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the one about the einkorn

I can’t remember why I bought it but I did buy a pack of Dove’s Farm organic Einkorn flour. As an ‘ex archaeologist’  I sometimes get to thinking that I ought not to be an ‘ex archaeologist’ and put to use some of the skills and knowledge I used to use with some of the ones I have developed more recently. Baking bread makes me very happy and being able to make sourdough bread puts me in mind of our long departed ancestors who didn’t go to Tesco’s bread counter and blag industrial yeast but had to make do with what they had in their natural environment. I haven’t quite got round to building a wood fired bread oven in the garden in River Cottage style but am still making do with the electric oven. Here are two loaves that use all the modern technology but use some ancient style grains.

Dove’s Farm says of their flour –

“Einkorn or triticum monococcum, was the original wheat, developed over 20,000 years ago. We have been growing einkorn on our farm since 2008 and think the flour is perfect for bread baking. It grows on tall stalks which are distinguished by their short, flat, two row seed head which enclose small grains in an inedible husk. After harvest we remove the husk and mill the grain into a soft golden flour on our millstones.

Einkorn Flour makes great rustic style breads and pizza bases either on its own or blended half and half with white bread flour. Add baking powder to einkorn to make artisan style cakes.”

So, while the OH and the offspring were enjoying the delights of Silverstone and I was blogging the last Mellow Baker’s effort I had a couple of loaves of einkorn 50:50 with white flour on the go. The flour is not so coarse as some wholemeals and spelt flours that I have used. At 100% it could be a bit stodgy but at 50:50 it is just lovely. I’ll leave doing the sourdough version for another day.

And here they are. If I eat any more I won’t have any of the deficit left that I worked up by running this morning.


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One thought on “the one about the einkorn

  1. Not tried that flour but I do use both kamut and spelt. I made some sourdough today predominantly white flour but with some spelt for flavour. I like what you say about connecting with tradition. Making bread are some of my happiest moments in the past months.

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