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raisin and cinnamon loaf and some Jubilee nostalgia

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Here’s my Mellow Baker’s raisin and cinnamon loaf, from Dan Lepard’s The Handmade Loaf, the first of our June bakes.

Ingredients: strong white flour, rye flour (I used light), wholewheat flour, salt, cinnamon, rye leaven (mine was going a bit crusty so I used half and half white and rye), water, olive oil, yeast, honey and raisins.

Nothing tricky about the instructions, typical Dan Lepard kneading for 10 secs and leave it, three times. Leave to rise for an hour, shape and leave to rise for 2 hours and then slash, spray and bake. I found the suggested baking time would be too long – the book says 50 minutes, mine had just over 30 in the oven and was very dark brown, almost burned. The crumb is thus a little moister than perhaps the book would suggest. However, I think all of this will get eaten.


While the loaf was rising I watched the coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London on the TV. I was pregnant when the Golden Jubilee happened and couldn’t tell you a thing that was done to celebrate 10 years ago, but I do have memories of the Silver Jubilee in 1977.

Silver Jubilee nostalgia…. being an oldish person now, I was at the end of ‘Middle School’ in 1977. I went to Coston’s Middle School in the London Boroough of Ealing, I actually won the local council’s Jubilee painting competition. I painted a picture of how I imagined the crowd looked on Coronation Day 1953, but it was a pity nobody told me it rained buckets that day. The prize was some vouchers to spend in Ealing and a party at Greenford Hall. I remember I spent the vouchers on a tennis racket (which I still have) , a casette of the Muppets (ma na ma na anyone?) and a book of music from the music shop on New Broadway (as I had pretensions of being musical, despite having a ‘flat ear’). This old photo has a music shop in it I think, maybe it was that one.

Not my memories but you can see how the town I live in now celebrated Coronation Day 1953 on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oskw2AtJwE&feature=relmfu and  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEgjr3FQw4s&feature=relmfu .


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2 thoughts on “raisin and cinnamon loaf and some Jubilee nostalgia

  1. How funny, my rye leaven had ‘gone a bit crusty’ too, so I binned it, and just used white.
    I think you made the right choice taking it out early, if I was paying more attention I would have done the same.
    I really like the look of yours. Do you think spraying the loaf before baking makes much difference, I don’t have a spray bottle, so just make steam in the oven instead.

    Well done.

  2. I’ve moved some white leaven over to start off some more rye, I think the warmer temperatures recently made them go too fast and dry out and start going a bit furry. Spraying bread does seem to make the crust go more crunchy, I just use a plant sprayer I got in a garden centre or supermarket or somewhere.

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