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wholegrain rye bread

This is the third in the Mellow Baker’s selection for May 2012 from Dan Lepard’s The Handmade Loaf.

Contents: water, rye leaven, fresh yeast, soaked and cooked rye grains, salt, light rye flour.

Being a natural sceptic I only used half the ingredients that the book suggested, just to see how it went. I diverged from the recipe also by just cooking the grains and soaking them in the cooking liquid, maybe they would take on something from some ale as suggested in the book. It also took forever to rise on Sunday, which was not a warm day, so rather than the 2 and half hours suggested, it was in the kitchen for about 5 or 6 before I gave in and put it in the oven. Also, I couldn’t find a brown paper bag, so it has been in some baking parchment snuggled up in the bread bin.

Actually, it went OK, but it does still look a lot like a mesopotamian mud brick. It smells a bit like pumpernickle, which it obviously shares ingredients with, and would go well with strong tasting things as suggested like stinky french cheese.

Here’s the pictures:

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