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provencal bread – the Hairy Bikers way

After making the breadsticks with rosemary the other day I came across a Hairy Bikers recipe which I don’t think they demonstrated or filmed someone making in the recent Bakeation tv series, but which sounded nice because it include fresh rosemary, fresh thyme and some fennel seeds (of which I have lots after the cherry and fennel loaf last month). Some bread authorities aren’t that keen on adding herbs and ‘flavours’ to bread, but sometimes I like them.

So then what have we got in it?

A starter dough that includes yeast, white flour, rye flour and water – note that the recipe makes a double quantity – a lesson to me to read the recipe all the way through because I would have only made a half quanitity as this was a first go at it. However, it says the unused starter can be frozen so I have done that.  This is supposed to be left in the fridge for 24 hours, but I couldn’t wait that long and left it for about 6 hours in the kitchen.

For the bread you need to add more yeast, salt, white flour, water and chopped fresh thyme leaves, rosemary leaves and some lightly toasted fennel seeds. Nothing complicated here, kneading for 10 mins, leaving for an hour the knocking down and combining in the herbs and seeds then and leaving for another hour, flouring, slashing and baking.

It went off like a rocket in the oven and the top and sides split, but it makes an attractive enough loaf I think. I will be having this for tea with cheese I think.

And here’s the pictures.

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2 thoughts on “provencal bread – the Hairy Bikers way

  1. I like the sound of those herbs and flavours – your loaf looks spectacular!

  2. That looks like a great loaf. Your post is reminding me I need to get more herbs growing this season. The combination of fresh thyme, rosemary, and fennel seeds must have made for a wonderful aroma.

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