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skillingsbollar – or I wish I lived in Norway

As viewers of the Hairy Bikers Bakeation will know, the first programme in the series was set in Norway. And for me so far, has provided the most useful recipes in the accompanying book. The book has more recipes in than they show in the series, which is good, but the recipe that it doesn’t have for Norway was the one that looked the most interesting to me when I watched the programme, skillingsbollar baked by Morten Schakenda at his bakery in Lom. On the TV show you can see the amazing view the bakers have out of a picture window over the river and the wood fired ovens they use. Today we had pouring rain so it was a bit like that here (not really!) but I don’t have a wood fired oven.

So to find a recipe I trawled the ‘net and found this recipe by an American lady called Marion who lives in Norway and who seems to know her buns! Morten’s book seems only to be available in Norwegian but this recipe has all you need to know.

So – ingredients are flour, milk, sugar,yeast, salt, cardamom, egg, butter, cinnamon and sugar mixed up. The cardamom goes into the dough – a secret Norwegian ingredient. And I’ve added some sultanas. And there’s an eggy wash on the top.

Unlike everything I’ve made by Dan, this recipe required real kneading – two lots of 15 minutes each! I’ve not had time to keep taking photos, so I’m afraid you’ll have to make do with these:

Just as well the bikers have announced a series about dieting!

I’ve been out supporting runners in the Milton Keynes marathon this morning, and I think I deserve a treat now! Nearly as much as the competitors did. And after I’ve done with all this, perhaps I go for a little run myself, if it ever stops raining, every time I look out, it’s at it again.

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6 thoughts on “skillingsbollar – or I wish I lived in Norway

  1. Yeah, that first programme was a cracker! Everyone wants to be a Norwegian baker now. I liked the Apent Bakeri recipe the best. The HB’s rye loaf was a disappointment though – Just normal bread with some rye flour added? The Chelsea buns look fantastic!

  2. I loved these in the show and your look amazing. I really want to give these a go. I’m guessing they taste more like sweet fruit bread than the cinnamon swirls they look like.
    Well done.

  3. good for you for supporting the marathon – I hear the weather was atrocious. The Stratford marathon was cancelled 2 minutes before the race started and participants had the choice of just running the half marathon. I got out for a 3 mile jog and that was enough of a drenching!

  4. And I’ve been for my run – 8 miles some on the marathon route, lovely now! But some huge puddles.

    • Good work everyone. I, on the other hand, have spent the day laying on the sofa after the BUCS 25mile time trial yesterday (in Oxford, in bad conditions), immensely grateful it wasn’t today. As a reward I got cupcakes (and my fence blown over).

  5. Spectators and runners alike deserve huge treats after being out in that weather yesterday

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