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Flaky butter buns

This is my third Mellow Bakers bake for April.From Dan Lepard’s The Handmade Loaf page 146.

Ingredients are simply flour, salt, milk, yeast and butter. After last weekend’s excessive white bun creation I only made a half quantity, but I have to say right now I wish I’d made a whole one. Husband and child went out while I was baking and the buns had just finished a few minutes before they got back and they both came in saying “mmmm croissants”. Went down very nicely with a bit of last year’s raspberry jam.  I would definitely do these again and now have more confidence about trying real croissants.

So here’s the pictures:

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2 thoughts on “Flaky butter buns

  1. they look lovely – much flakier than mine. I think i needed to let them prove longer. I agree though that i might try croissants next time!

  2. Great picture progress report, Icey! (My camera battery ran out at the wrong time so I won’t have any pics.) Looks like a result! (And from the reception sounds like it too!) After your comment – I’ll roll some of mine like croissants.

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