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Heritage flour and sour cream bread

I ordered some books from Dove’s Farm and also bought some flours that I haven’t seen in the shops.

First was English Wholegrain Heritage Flour .  This is what they say about it.

“Our Heritage grain flour is made up of a mixture of older wheat varieties obtained primarily from gene banks and now dominated by April Bearded, a popular 19th Century variety and one of the first spring wheats ever grown in the UK. Once the wheat has been harvested, we mill it into a hearty brown flour which is excellent for use in biscuits and cakes. It bakes into a dark, wheaty artisan loaf – similar to the bread eaten hundreds of years ago.

Breads baked with heritage flour require more liquid than ordinary wholemeal. They will be dark in colour with a close crumb structure and rustic wheat flavour. Add baking powder to make artisan style cakes.

Please note: When used in a bread machine, this flour makes a very dense loaf. We recommend it is used by experienced bakers.”

I used it in my 2:1 wholemeal to white flour loaves and they were just fine. I’d say the texture was a little denser than the normal supermarket wholemeal makes, and possibly more tasty too. I also bought the Einkhorn, but haven’t tried that as yet. I’ve had a busy weekend, and was out running a 20 mile event at Oakley near Bedford on Sunday, so we’ve eaten most of these loaves already.

So today I’m making another Dan Lepard favorite – sour cream white bread.

This has white flour, I’ve used normal bread flour and extra strong, water, salt, sugar, yeast and a pot of sour cream.

My son is, of course, a genius. At the weekend I spotted some tiny bread loaf tins on offer. They are meant to be for children’s baking, and at £2 for 2, were a bargain so I bought eight, thinking I could use them for small cakes for fundraising bakes like school fetes.  My son suggested that I make some bread in the tiny tins today, so I’ve made one large and eight tiny loaves. Here they are in the pans before rising.

And here they are baked! Not quite sure how we will eat the tiny loaves.

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