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sourdough starter for 10

The apogee of breadmaking is thought by many to be sourdough bread. This is naturally leavened without the use of bakery yeast or other starters and is made using a starter that contains mostly just flour and water and uses the natural yeasts from the air and flour to start fermentation.

Here are some pictures of my sourdough starter during its first few days. It is stoneground rye flour and water, that’s all. I keep it in a plastic tub on the worksurface in my kitchen. My kitchen isn’t very warm so I’m hoping for some warm spring weather to get it going a bit.

Day 1 just starting

Day 2 before adding extra flour

Day 2 with extra flour

Day 3 steamed up lid

 I wonder if this is a good sign!

Day 3 inside morning

I’ll be adding more flour and water this evening.


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