what? bread?

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What? bread?

My first blog entry is about some bread I made today. I’ve been exploring the ideas of the Real Bread Campaign for a while now and getting quite good at using recipes by the fabulous Dan Lepard.

Today I made two loaves of 60:40 wholemeal:white and one  multigrain and honey loaf.

The 60:40 is something I make regularly from Dan Lepard’s book “Short and Sweet“.   

The loaf contains water, flour, fresh yeast, salt, brown sugar, sunflower oil and to give it some whoosh a vitamin C tablet. I double up the quantities and make two of these at a time. Everything goes in the bowl together and it couldn’t be easier.

The multigrain and honey loaf is another of Dan’s recipes. This one uses the sponge method. In the morning I mixed up the water, some white flour and the yeast and left it to start fermenting while I went to work. In another bowl I mixed what Dan calls the porridge – some oats, honey, linseed seeds, sunflower seeds and water. When I wanted to start making the bread all I had to do was to rub some butter into some flour, both plain and wholemeal, add some salt and then mix in the sponge and the porridge.

Dan’s recipes use a method that doesn’t involve heavy kneading, just gentle folding and resting at intervals. And the results seem to turn out OK. Here’s some of the 60:40.

I have started a sourdough starter using rye flour and water and hope to have some results to show for it soon.


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